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3D Quicktime VR

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3D Quicktime VR Output Options:

1) Degree of Rotation in each axis. Quicktime VR movies are composed of Rows and Columns. Rows represent the vertical rotation of the camera around the object. Columns represent the horizontal rotation around the object. In the above sample, there are 72 columns making a 360 rotation around the object. There is only 1 Row, so no vertical rotation is represented. Click here for a sample with 3 Rows and 72 Columns.

2) Number of Rows and Columns. The minimum number of Rows and Columns is 1. The maximum is currently 36 Rows and 72 Columns. The maximum amount of rotation in each axis is 360. Smaller rotation amounts are possible. Smoother rotation motion is possible by increasing the the number of Rows/Columns, while reducing the total degree of rotation. For instance 360 degree's divided by 72 columns = 5 degrees per column. If the total rotation were 180 degrees but there were still 72 columns, then each rotation increment would equal 2.5 degrees, and so on.

3) Output Resolution. The desired output resolution will have a lot to do with how the QTVR will be used. Generally for web applications 400x300 pixels or smaller will be desired. This will both help save on final file size (to speed download and playback) as well as ensure that the data is viewable within the constructs of a given web page. Larger format QTVR may be desired for presentations on computer monitors or projections. The upper limit of QTVR construction approaches 2460x1800 pixels, but sizes larger then 1024x768 are rarely necessary.


View a sample with 10 Rows and 72 Columns at 720x540 pixels here. This file is composed of 720 individual frames (the same amount as a 30 second commercial). File size is approximately 16.2MB. Please allow about 60 seconds for the file to fully load.


For more information and additional QTVR samples, click here.

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